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Use water purifiers for 100% Safe, Healthy, Tasty and Pure Drinking Water. Quality of drinking water is deteriorating which is a major health hazard. Apart from bacteria and Virus, it is also essential to remove dissolved impurities from drinking water. Boiling alone is not good for purifying water. Water purifiers fall short of making drinking water totally pure.

Universal Aqua Technologies (UAT) Water Purifires:

Universal Aqua Technologies (UAT) is a leading manufacturer and bulk supplier of domestic, industrial and commercial water treatment components and plants. We stock and sell most of the water treatment components such as - Membrane, Filter, Housing, UV, Pressure Vessel, Pressure Tube, Cabinet, Valve, Accessories, Fittings, Adaptor, Multiport Valve, Rota Meter, Chemical, Pump etc.

UAT Aqua Grand+ [RO+UV+MM] UAT Compaq [RO+UF+MM] UAT Aqua Magic [RO+UV+UF+MM]


UAT Dolphin UAT Aqua Ultra UAT Crystal Dew




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UAT Dispenser UAT Commercial RO UAT RO - 250-2000 LPH


UAT Industrial R.O. Systems:

• Produce 200 liter pure water per hour

• Backwashing and maintenance free

• Automatic memory functionS


• Stainless steel powder coated body

• Auto flush indicator light

• Tank full indicator light

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Bhagavathi enterprises founded in 2010, We are the authorised dealers of certified leaded electrical and electronic components and and non electrical components with a wide range of products that includes Uninterrupted Power supply(UPS), Batteries, Solar water heaters, Gas Geezers, Water Purifires, Roofing sheets, Mosquito Mesh, More..