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Sun Is the most well distributed source of energy. Solar power harnesses this abundant resource of energy. With advanced technology, Solar power has become affordable and available to larger section of the society.

Launches The World's First Solar UPS

Brainy UPS is Su-Kam's Solution to provide access to solar energy.

Brainy UPS is a modern artificial intelligent machine - a first UPS to harness solar energy into electricity and use its artificial intelligence to maximize utilization of solar energy to power homes and offices.

Brainy UPS can be operate on both Solar Power as well as Grid Power,


A Solar Package from Su-kum Includes:

 A Brainy UPS – 850 VA / 12V with a shock proof and fire resistant plastic body.
 A Solar PV Panel [80W] to convert sunlight directly into electricity. The power provides is pure direct current [DC] electricity. Solar Panel upgradable up to 240W.
 A battery trolley named Brainy which is easy to install and dismantle.
 A Su-kam Brainy Battery 150 Ah is scientifically built for optimum performance, Very long life and High reliability.

The power Of Brainy UPS:

• Brainy UPS can be operating on both Solar Power as well as Gird Power.
• It is integrated with In-Built Solar charge controller which enables the conversion of solar power to electricity.
• The intelligent machine – The Ups always gives performance to solar power while charging the battery. It senses the availability of solar power and gives charging performance to the solar power charge and only switches to the gird when the solar power is not available.

Load Chart(Brainy UPS 850 VA)

Load A B C D E
PC 1        
TV     1    
Tubelight 3 2 3 4  
Fan 3 2 3 4  
Room Cooler   1      
CFL       2 36



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