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Individual or collective housing, industrial, commercial or agriculture… What ever your project is, you can find our solution adapted to your needs. The result is flexible and cost effective product that provides weather protection. It is eco-friendly, cannot rust or become brittle and is not resistant.

Benefits that include Lightweight, Flexible, adaptable on all structures, fast installations, reduces rain nois, High wind resistance, Water spoofing, environment friendly.

The result is a flexible and cost effective product that provides weather protection, sound and thermal insulation - even in the most extreme climatic conditions. It is waterproof and cannot rust or become brittle. It resists most chemicals and corrosion, and is very easy to handle and fix.


• Lightweight only 4 kg/m2
• High wind resistance, up to 347 km/hr
• Thermal and acoustic comfort
• Flexible and adaptable on all structures
• Easy to install
• Water Proofing
• Eco friendly
• Resistant to corrosion-does not rust
• Available in a range of environmentally sensitive colors.

Our products are subjected to the most rigorous performance tests in laboratories and research institutes all over the world and conform to:
- General tests and technical agreements
- Strength and Impact Loading - Mechanical Strength
- Water Absorption
- Heat Deformation
- Water and Weather Proofing
- Wind Lift - Hail/Frost Resistance
- Toxicity and Resistance to Chemicals Test


Residential: Resorts & Hotels: Industrial:
Institutional: Extensions: Farmhouse:


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Bhagavathi enterprises founded in 2010, We are the authorised dealers of certified leaded electrical and electronic components and and non electrical components with a wide range of products that includes Uninterrupted Power supply(UPS), Batteries, Solar water heaters, Gas Geezers, Water Purifires, Roofing sheets, Mosquito Mesh, More..