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Although gas is users friendly but incase of gas leakage it can cause big disaster to your family & property for what we really sweat all life. That's why we are marketing Gas Safety Devices for your Safety. This is an innovative mechanical device launched for domestic LPG gas cylinder. Protect your family with our Gas Safety Device which prevents accidents.

LPG gas safety device is an innovative mechanical device introduced for household LPG cylinder to keep away from accident caused by leakage of gas. The main features of LPG gas safety device is auto shut-off facility on higher leakage, there is minor leakage testing facility, easy installation and the main feature of gas safe is that saves the gas up to 20%.

How Gas Safe Device Works:

Gas Safety Device will automatically shut off gas supply from cylinder due to major leakages of gas cause due to:
1.The reputing of a tube or pulling of the stove or regulator.
2.The regulator failed to function properly.
3.The catching fire.

Advantages Of The Product:

1) Major leakage auto shut off facility.
2) Facilitates in detecting gas leakage in system.
3) Saves 20% of regular usage of Gas.
4) Indicates low level of LP gas in Cylinder’s.
5) Pressure & Temperature activated shutoff system.
6) Avoids Accidents.



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